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    Ambassador Program

    Earn rewards by helping researchers in your university succeed!

About the program

Be a campus leader, boost researcher success and score some awesome rewards! Editage Ambassadors help researchers in the United States reach their academic goals by sparking interest in Editage within their university. As a research companion, you will:

Organize events and engage with fellow researchers.

Promote Editage within your community.

Gather feedback to aid in our continuous improvement efforts.

Our activities are always evolving, so you have more choices and more chances to earn - you decide when and how you contribute!

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2 Million+

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Ambassador Perks

Joining Bonus

Once you activate your Editage Ambassador status, you will receive an Amazon gift voucher, Editage credits and much more!

Flexible Earning

Choose which activities you do and complete them according to your schedule. Ambassadors are paid monthly via PayPal or Amazon Vouchers.

Successful referral rewards

Share your unique referral code with your academic community and get rewarded whenever someone uses your discount coupon on Editage US services.


Enhance your CV with marketing skills and an official certificate that designates you as an Editage Ambassador. You will also get access to learning resources. 

Biannual rewards and

Exceptional Ambassadors will be celebrated biannually with a special Ambassador status, bonuses, and exciting prizes for going that extra mile.

in-house team

The Editage Ambassador team has your back!  Reach out to us anytime and we will make sure you have all the support you need to thrive as an Ambassador.

How do Editage Ambassadors help research community?

Begin by mastering the latest Editage solutions and becoming the friendly face of Editage on your campus. As an Editage Ambassador, you will spend time understanding your fellow researchers' needs and guiding them to the best Editage solution for their publication success. Engage with researchers in your community through on-campus clubs, one-on-one interactions, webinars, campus presentations and social media.
You will also gather user feedback to help us innovate, grow, and meet researchers’ needs.

Here are some ways Ambassadors can get involved


Talk about Editage on your social media
and in online academic forums. 


Create and share a video testimonial
about Editage on social media.


Organize and conduct an on-campus activity or event for Editage 


Get rewarded for each successful referral
of a new Editage user.

We periodically add new activities for Ambassadors to pick from. You will be compensated for each activity completed, reach out to us on ambassador@editage.com  for more information.

How it works

Application & selection

Fill out the Editage Ambassador application form, our team will review all applications and contact selected candidates for the next steps.


Join the Ambassador orientation and training sessions, learn about Editage solutions and how you can help researchers succeed.


Share your Editage Ambassador status on social media, get confirmed and unlock your first reward!

Do more, earn more!

Choose your activities, complete them, and watch the rewards roll in! Get paid monthly for your hard work.

Join now and unlock rewards worth up to $500!

Plus, earn over $200 per month by doing Ambassador activities.

Editage Ambassadors get Amazon vouchers, complimentary Editage services, free learning resources, an official Ambassador certificate, and much more!

Who can apply?

We are on the lookout for researchers doing their master's, PhD, or
Postdoc, and library staff from universities all over the United States. We also welcome senior researchers to the program.
Are you ready to embrace the role of an Editage Ambassador?

No time? No worries!

Every successful referral gets a
Starbucks gift card.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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