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5 ways in which Manuscript Formatting Service
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Adherence to journal guidelines

We stick to journal guidelines precisely so that your paper isn’t sent back for revisions & you can avoid unnecessary delays.

Eliminate formatting

Free up your research time while we handle every element of the time-consuming tasks with our manuscript formatting services.

Technical proficiency to prepare your paper faster

Our technical expertise at LaTex and other word-processing softwares ensures that you receive your perfectly formatted research paper in no time.

Balancing Length

We ensure you tell your research story within word counts, number of tables and even figure restrictions set by journals.

Matching Citation Styles

Your research paper’s citation style will be mapped perfectly to your target journal’s specifications to save even more of your time.

Let's get you closer to fulfilling your research ambitions.

See how we improve your manuscript formatting

Journal template applied

The journal template is used to format the manuscript, including changes to headers, footers, margins, line spacing, font, and line numbers, as per the template.

Corrections to citation and reference style

Explanatory comments

Journal template applied

Endorsed by the success of researchers like you

  • Dr. Giorgio Berlot

    The reviewers of a submitted manuscript sent it back due to a bad form. (Editage) worked on the Manuscript which has now improved.

    Dr. Giorgio Berlot

    Professor, University of Trieste, Dept. Of Anesthesia and Intensive Care, United States

    Subject Area: Molecular Biology: Embryonic, Cellular, and Evolutionary

  • Dr. Margaret Moe

    The article was accepted for publication at my first choice of journal. The turn-around time was quick, and I felt well-cared for throughout the process.

    Dr. Margaret Moe

    Professor, Lee University, United States

    Subject Area: Media and Communication

  • Mr. Patrick Devos

    I discovered Editage while preparing an article for the Journal of Clinical Oncology. I received the corrected version of my manuscript within 3 days.

    Mr. Patrick Devos

    Statistician, Universite de Lille, France

    Subject Area: Bibliometrics

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  • Journal Submission

    Save your valuable research time as we navigate you through complex submission processes swiftly and effortlessly.

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  • Graphical Abstract

    Increase your article views with visuals that make your research outcomes understandable at a single glance.

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  • Artwork Formatting

    Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your paper. Design visually striking and scientifically accurate illustrations with ease.

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