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Journal Support

When you want to polish the language, perfect the science and unlock the top quartile potential within your raw manuscript.

  • Pre-submission peer review
  • 1 year of unlimited resubmission re-edit support
  • Elite Editor conducts editorial & critical quality check
  • Scientific soundness & research integrity check
  • Structure & formatting as per the target journal
  • Optimize title & abstract as per target journals
  • Optimize figures and tables

Submission Support

When you want the reassurance that your paper is optimized perfectly for submission to globally indexed journals.

  • Academic editing by subject matter experts
  • Scientific soundness & research integrity check
  • Structure & formatting as per the target journal
  • Optimize title & abstract as per target journal
  • Optimize figures & tables


For last minute technical and language checks before submission.

  • AI editing that’s built for academic writing
  • Get your manuscript submission ready in minutes
  • Receive high-quality language edits & technical checks

Spending sleepless nights chasing submission
timelines & reviews?

Stop Chasing. Start Publishing. Enhance your manuscript in 5 days with
help from subject matter experts and peer reviewers.

  • Q1/Q2 Journal Support
  • Manuscript Submission Support
  • AI-Powered Editing


Everything your manuscript needs.
All in one place.

From scientific soundness to research integrity, from artwork formatting to language improvements, get a 360-degree solution for your research paper as per your target journal.

Peer Review

Anticipate & eliminate reviewer concerns with advice from top quartile journal peer reviewers.

Unlimited re-edits
for a year

Get resubmission support before & after submission, for multiple journals, & unlimited free re-edits.

Academic Editing by
Expert Editors

Our expert editors examine your content, to perfect terminologies, style and tone while ensuring quality & precision.

Integrity & scientific
soundness check

Secure the credibility of your paper’s findings with a check of its scientific soundness and its compliance with publishing ethics.

Let's get you closer to fulfilling your research ambitions.

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2 Million+

Papers Enhanced

1 Million+

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Q1/Q2 Journal

Starting $129


Submission Support

Starting $29





Scientific and Integrity Check

Pre-Submission Peer Review

Additional $199

Scientific Soundness

Research Integrity

Formatting & Artwork

Manuscript Formatting

Title and Abstract Optimization

Artwork Preparation

Academic Editing

Expert Editing

Language and Technical Checks

Resubmission Support

Additional $99

100% purchase protection, guaranteed

Personalized Support

Find support that goes the extra mile in your research journey.

Easy payment options

Pay in your preferred currency, through your preferred bank. No hidden charges.


Customise and download invoices instantly without sacrificing your research time

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