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Journal Support

When you want to polish the language, perfect the science and unlock the top quartile potential within your raw manuscript.

  • Pre-submission peer review
  • 1 year of unlimited resubmission re-edit support
  • Scientific soundness & research integrity check
  • Elite Editor conducts editorial & critical quality check
  • Structure & formatting as per the target journal
  • Optimize title & abstract as per target journals
  • Optimize figures and tables

Submission Support

When you want the reassurance that your paper is optimized perfectly for submission to globally indexed journals.

  • Academic editing by subject matter experts
  • Scientific soundness & research integrity check
  • Structure & formatting as per the target journal
  • Optimize title & abstract as per target journal
  • Optimize figures & tables

AI Powered

For last minute technical and language checks before submission.

  • AI editing that’s built for academic writing
  • Get your manuscript submission ready in minutes
  • Receive high-quality language edits & technical checks

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  • Manuscript Formatting

    Protect your research from unnecessary delays by meeting all guidelines and conventions of your desired journal.

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  • Statistical Analysis

    Bring accuracy to your findings & draw inferences that best answer your research questions through a detailed data analysis.

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  • Pre-Submission Peer Review

    Accelerate your publication journey with recommendations from peer reviewers of high impact factor journals.

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  • Journal Selection

    Protect your research from unnecessary delays by meeting all guidelines and conventions of your desired journal.

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  • Journal Submission

    Save your valuable research time as we navigate you through complex submission processes swiftly and effortlessly.

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  • Graphical Abstract

    Increase your article views with visuals that make your research outcomes understandable at a single glance.

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  • Artwork Formatting

    Enhance the aesthetic appeal of your paper. Design visually striking and scientifically accurate illustrations with ease.

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  • Dr. Giorgio Berlot

    The reviewers of a submitted manuscript sent it back due to a bad form. (Editage) worked on the Manuscript which has now improved.

    Dr. Giorgio Berlot

    Professor, University of Trieste, Dept. Of Anesthesia and Intensive Care, United States

    Subject Area: Molecular Biology: Embryonic, Cellular, and Evolutionary

  • Dr. Margaret Moe

    The article was accepted for publication at my first choice of journal. The turn-around time was quick, and I felt well-cared for throughout the process.

    Dr. Margaret Moe

    Professor, Lee University, United States

    Subject Area: Media and Communication

  • Mr. Patrick Devos

    I discovered Editage while preparing an article for the Journal of Clinical Oncology. I received the corrected version of my manuscript within 3 days.

    Mr. Patrick Devos

    Statistician, Universite de Lille, France

    Subject Area: Bibliometrics

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