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Twitter Takeover: Dive into Academic Brilliance!

Dive into the #AcademicTwitter realm with The PhD Story (@thephdstory) for a day-long Q&A session while she takes over our Twitter/X handle. Uncover insights, ask burning questions, and join the lively academic discussion led by the mysteriously anonymous faculty member based in sunny Los Angeles!

Event Details:

Date: December 13, 2023
Time: All day
Where: Follow @Editage on Twitter/X for more information.

About @thephdstory:

@thephdstory joined Twitter in 2014 while in graduate school. She is best known for popularizing the #AcademicTwitter hashtag  and as the founder of the #AcademicTwitter community, a supportive community of academics around the world. Though her account started primarily with gifs (thanks to Tumblr), it has transformed into a public diary of an academic’s life.

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