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Exploring the Power of Graphical Abstracts to Create Skin Cancer Awareness

Graphical Abstract for Skin Cancer Awareness - EditageDid you know that one in five people (20%) have skin cancer? That staggering number is estimated to rise over the coming years.  For skin cancer awareness month, we have prepared a graphical abstract. Isn’t this a better way of conveying information in a visually appealing way? It is easier to follow, requires less time or expertise and can be shared with a wider audience for visibility.

What are the risk factors of skin cancer? 

    • Prolonged sun exposure

    • Exposure to UV radiation

    • Genetic predisposition

    • Compromised Immunity

    • Artificial tanning

    • Age

    • Viral vectors

What is skin cancer awareness month?

May is skin cancer awareness month. In fact, in the US, the first Monday of May is “Melanoma Monday” – which is when people are encouraged to check for signs of melanoma. It is easier to remember if we set aside one day of the week! It is critical to be aware of the prevention guidelines – protection does not stop for a single day of the year! While there are various types of skin cancer, as, the most serious and deadly type is Melanoma.

What’s an efficient way of making people aware of skin cancer? 

You’re already aware that compared to researchers and medical professionals, the general public don’t really have much interest in journal articles, and lack easy access to them. To convey health or scientific information to a wider audience, you need to use different formats, especially visual ones rather than text-based ones.

Graphical abstracts are efficient for raising skin cancer awareness because they combine visuals and concise text to convey essential information quickly and clearly. They offer a single, captivating image to summarize the key aspects of a research paper, review paper, or even a scholarly article. This format is easily digestible, enabling viewers to grasp critical messages at a glance, no matter how busy they are. Graphical abstracts can effectively illustrate symptoms, preventive measures, and treatments, which makes them a powerful tool for public health communication.

Compared to videos, podcasts, or text-based articles, graphical abstracts require less time to consume and can be easily shared on social media, increasing their reach. Their visual nature helps people retain information better.

Graphical abstracts, also known as visual abstracts, are becoming increasingly important tools in scholarly communication. Besides their use in journals to complement the written text, graphical abstracts can be used on social media platforms to draw readers to the article. This would extend the reach of the paper beyond the immediate journal audience. Clearly, the potential of graphical abstracts is vast in terms of reach and impact.

How can you use graphical abstracts to spread awareness of skin cancer? 

As a healthcare professional or researcher, you need to be ready to provide people with bite-sized, easily digestible information on various public health issues, in a format that appeals to them. Graphical abstracts are perfect for this, so do explore the power of graphical abstracts to create awareness about your research.  

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